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Evidence-based Childbirth Education

BirthCourse™ is an antenatal course that combines knowledge about birth hormones, effective partner support and evidence-based techniques. BirthCourse™ provides holistic education to help reduce interventions and improve outcomes for mothers and babies.

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Knowledge & Understanding

Evidence-based knowledge for you and your birth partner, so that you can make effective and informed decisions.

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Support Tools

Teaching breathing, relaxation, acupressure, movement, visualisation, upright positioning and other complementary techniques as well as support tools for the birth partner and caregivers.

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Positive Mindset

Approaching labour and birth with a positive mindset, which can have a positive affect on your health, labour pain and birth outcomes.

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Antenatal Education Designed for Hospital and Health Systems

If you are a childbirth professional working in a public or private hospital or health service - please contact us for more details on how you can offer the BirthCourse™ program as part of your antenatal education.

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What parents say about BirthCourse™

I was scared of giving birth, but then I went to classes...

"Thank you BirthCourse™ for teaching me the skills to help myself during my birth. My partner also got so much out of the classes. I can honestly say that the birth of my baby was the most amazing day of my life - and I know that the preparation through this course made all the difference."

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

"I am so glad that I made the decision to join BirthCourse™. In a matter of weeks, I went from being petrified of birth to actually looking forward to it! The doctors and midwives all commented on how calm I was. The birth of my daughter was so beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish all mothers knew about this course!

The course allowed us to remain calm and relaxed ...

"I am so grateful for everything I learned during the BirthCourse™ classes. They were a major factor in creating the calm environment my baby was welcomed into, helping him to be the calm, content boy he is now."